You Could’ve

You Could’ve

I know you would’ve if you could’ve.
Saved yourself but couldn’t have.
You were so young and tender
So beautiful – but then you were a pretender.
I don’t know where it came from
This jagged scar that brought you down.
But I know it was there, because I saw it
And you gave it to me with a left hook hit.
I never saw you struggle, but I saw you slip away.
Each time you disappeared – a month or a day.
I watched as you tried to survive
All the things you tried in order to revive.
And with due course, they fell like starships burning
Because this hellish wound had set in.
That’s when you grabbed hold of me
A last attempt to cure the scar that tormented you agonizingly.
But we were falling calling mayday.
We ran out of time and it was payday.
A smoldering wreck and inexperience brings disaster.
Forget these childhood stories of happy ever after.
You disappeared – and this time you weren’t coming back.
Gone off on a one-way fast track
You were hurt, so you passed it on.
Your vicious scar will never be gone.
Oh why didn’t you tell me what was really inside?
Tell me of the demons you fight?
You never could do it on your own
Didn’t mean you needed to drown alone.
Been to a few funerals for people who are dead.
Felt sad, but I ain’t cried yet.
But for you, I did fountains cry
For your lost soul, those you scarred and all your little lies.
I could’ve saved you, but I was just a boy
I was fresh from training camp where all I had were toys.
I could’ve saved you – I didn’t.
A day doesn’t pass where I wish I could re-live it.
So now I walk battered and scarred.
Vowing I won’t do the same and tear others apart.
So if you see me struggling, or you see me slip away
Please grab me and ask, Am I okay?
Tell me what you see – tell me of your fears
The little things that whisper in our ears.
You would’ve if you could’ve.
Set yourself free but you couldn’t.

Dedicated to a certain role model of mine who fell.


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