If You Could See

If you saw what I see – if you could peer into the deepest parts of me.

If you could read my mind, read the signs, walk in my shoes a mile.
Would it have liberated you? Changed the line you drew ‘tween me and you?
If you knew my fears – the secret tears that run down my cheeks –
Would you have excused my actions? My alarmed reactions?
If you took a walk on the dark side, saw my nightmares in the night,
Would it have helped you understand, that I’m a tormented man?
Would you excuse my bumbling stupidity, for the honest me?
My mistakes that I made cause I didn’t want us to break?
If you could catch a glimpse inside me, what would you think?
All those self-made lies by which I abide?
If you could see my heart – pry apart all the little parts
Would it sway you to believe what I say today?
I mean what I said – bound by oath till the day I’m dead
If you could see in the deepest part of me –
Would it have changed your mind the second time round?

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