Didn’t mean to lead you on like that

You’re making it up I’ll bet.

Let’s take this to the edge.

If you didn’t mean it –

Why’d you say it?

You foolish, immature idiot.

Excuse my use of adjectives

But I’m a man with an objective

And the problem is it’s subjective.

I guess maybe passion burns easily

But I’ve learnt to tread queasily

Think it through earnestly.

I like, put on this mask I hid behind

Like a still image framed in your mind

That I’m in water head-high.

But it’s all an illusion

A self-induced delusion

Of a someone’s inclusion

I’m still on the sidelines

With my double filling in the firing line

And something told me you’d change your mind

Maybe it was your flattering lips

The words you said that make me sick

Cause they were way too sweet.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten old

The scars and broken hearts have told

And I can feel when the water’s cold

Whatever, whenever – I never got in.

Call it a mistake – a sin.

But I doubt it needs forgiving.

Apologizing to me today.

Bang – damn girl what a shame!

Are you sure I got played?



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