LIke one step after another
Distractions bother
The image of her
Haunting for ever after.

Ghosts of things left behind
Bleeding wounds we hide.
A weariness creeping up our spine.
Wavering in the ever-changing tide.

Like the body caught fire
And everyone you met is a liar
Think a palace with Nero and his lyre
You’re not home and you’re tired.

Not lost – yet forever alone
Tormented – can’t find a home
The fire inside the bones
Won’t let it rest, it burns on.

Let it burn – the fire purifies
Someday I’ll be satisfied
Won’t settle for the second prize
The fire of a weary victor’s eyes.

Let it burn – let it ache
Let the wind blow, the ground quake
I am the master of my fate.
Won’t give up until I’m safe.

Burning, blazing wreck
Won’t take a reality check
These my fingers – take the flak
My mind is master – I will not break.

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