I wasn’t trained for this –
Just a amateur novice.
An untrained man
With a weapon in his hand
No books to teach me
Just a battlefield where I bleed
Stuttering stammering lips
The crowd reckons this is it!
I pick up the armour, I throw it down
I ain’t qualified – just a circus clown
Hillbilly of the backwoods
They could’ve sworn I’m backwards.
Untrained hands gone hitting
Them critics on the sidelines spittin’
The cowards of the frontline cower
Them be tried, trained, professor cowards
In their armour – here because of skill
I’m just a boy here ‘cause of divine will.
They are telling me to stand down
All the while the enemy’s on high ground.
Like let’s put up this red tape
While hearts break.
Just how much can we take?
To save the world from our mistakes.
Sit down shut up –
You’re done boy, give up.
Unqualified, uncertified.
Ain’t nothing on your resume to get by.
But no one’s here, no one’s there
The challenge is up and no one dares
The experts have done the math
Two times two is four – double back
One with God will chase a thousand
So one plus God – tis the last stand
I take the tools of my trade
Unqualified is what they say
Here’s to protect sheep
But you’re here to giants beat
Wrong tools, wrong trade –
Back down before it’s too late.
I walk out there – unqualified
Against the enemy who’s certified.
What I have – I use
Tis a matchstick lights the fuse
My God doesn’t need qualified to get through
Just a broken willing vessel to be used.
I killed that giant – loped off his head.
The enemy’s army melted at the sight of him dead
Unqualified! they screamed.
Maybe that’s why God picked me.
Because while they balked
I walked.
And as they stood and did nothing wrought
I stood and fought.
Through the life of the unqualified
Will the Almighty be glorified
In the hall of fame I now abide –
Unqualified – uncertified.

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