Ready Defence

Yo! raise you’re hands
If you have a ready defence
Fixed bayonets with shiny steel
Over the trenches to kill
Stationary move to double step.
Bared teeth – don’t step back.
Counter-measures – counter-attack
Aggressive defence till they crack
Load your rifles: man the fort
Hold till the attacks are naught
Midday or midnight
Sunset or sunrise
Wind, snow, hail, or rain.
No matter the weary eyes and pain.
Prepared – ready alway
Hit back on the rest day.
Ready defence – raise you’re hands
Bereaved bears – lionlike men.
The steel won’t rust.
The armour won’t gather dust.
Whether in war or peace
Never find un-manned defence
The powder will never grow damp
Neither grow slack will our hands.
In peace prepare for war
Bare teeth with a broken jaw
Fiery reaction – packed power
Instant alert ready every hour
Ready defence – raise your hands
Scarred, battle-tried warrior man


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