You Love Me


You said you love me
But did you really?
Cause when I close the door
It feels so eerie!

I know they tell you lies
Don’t let them make an inception
Of something that isn’t true.
I don’t love you is a misconception.

Don’t read between the lines
That never didst exist
I’m falling in love with you
And that is it.

When you don’t hear from me
And you think I forgot
Truth be told –
I’m just trying to juggle a lot.

And if at times I make things
So hard, and you think, “whatever!”
Please try to understand
I just want us to last forever

If I step on your toes
Please let me know –
Cause I don’t, didn’t, never meant to
And I love you so.

Maybe my questions at times
Pry and try to find what you hide
That’s cause I’m awkward
And don’t know how to confide

I don’t know where or how to begin
Since Friday I’ve been falling
Don’t want to lose this thing
But I have no idea how to stay in

I just wish you could see all
My many and bleeding scars
Wish you could read my heart
Find out who we really are

Just fall and trust that I’ll
Catch you on your way down
There’s nothing more I can say –
I won’t let you hit the ground

Open up, step out, challenge me
Ask me, tell me, all those little things
You dreams, your flaws and fears
Shooting stars and dreams of angel’s wings

Is this just a passing whim?
Or is it really love? Because I’m in
I want to do my best for you
And I’d rather not sink but swim

Do you really love me?
Can you trust my word?
Or is this all just a pretence
Like the clothes you wear to church?

You said you love me –
But did you really mean it?
Because I’ve never been here
And honestly, I’m scared a bit

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