I want to be ready
Stand my ground
When the tempter comes
Still be left here
When it’s all said
When it’s all said and done

Draw my sword
Standing fast
Tear holes into the hordes
Buried ‘neath my foes
Watch me rise for more
Foreguard – hold the fort

Hit the bags
Feel the pain
Live like it was war
Make hell, fight well
Cause it will come
When you least look for

I want to be ready
Energy surging
Like a bull at the gates
Sinews tense
Mind set
Ready for struggle that awaits

Eat the bread of sorrow
Whilst those around rejoice
When they sleep will we rise
Though we grow faint
Still we go hard
Harden thyself in the fire

Victory demands sacrifice
Life will bring strife
I must be ready to fight
In peace prepare
For the war
When the demons take flight

While I sleep –
When I rise
When I’m ready, when I’m not
In season
Out of season
Ready to fight with all I’ve got


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