Just a Dream

Inside a Water Bottle 2

I had a dream or so it seemed
It was on the shores of the ocean sea
Just her and me and the waves of the sea
Twas paradise or so it seemed to be
Because before I knew it, she was drowning
And I was in the deep floundering
The waves crashed over my head
(Here I am in my bed feeling like I’m dead)
I could see her hand reaching out
(But I’m too self-absorbed to look about)
Alas it’s too late – her lifeless body drifts ashore
(I can see this coming but what to do I’m not sure)
So I lay her down on a bed of sticks
The glorious dream and all it’s broken bits
Deep despair – I don’t know what to do
(Like the living dead, and I haven’t got a clue)
Feeling for a pulse – check your heart
(Looking into your eyes but they have gone hard)
Here she lies – deceased
(She’s sitting in my car seat)
This is all just a dream
(But the dream is reality it seems)
I lay down and hold her once more
(I sit there and keep her warm)
I never got to see the end
I fear that which I cannot contend
I had a dream – or so it seemed.

photo by Jonathan Natiuk


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