Holiest of Holies



Purple it twas – four inches thick and sixty foot high

The curtain in the Jewish Temple was twenty foot wide

Separating God’s presence from an unclean people

Approached once a year by the high priest who lived under the steeple

Offering atonement for the wrongs they had done

Rolling on the guilt of everyone

Every year – once a year – it dragged on

Till the that fateful day had come

The Son of man hung on a tree

King of the Jews nailed between two thieves.

Blood-soaked wood – naked was he

Hanging there in shame while they laughed in mockery

Till ahead of time, he lifted his head and cried

“It is finished!” Then he gave one last breath and died.

The ground shook and day became night

The priests in the temple fled in fright

From the top to the bottom the veil had been ripped

A God-given breach that no man could fix

A breach had been made by God himself

There’s no telling what those priests must’ve felt

It was the start of a new era – grace

Jesus came and paid the price – He died in my place

Now His presence is not just in the Holy place

But now anyone can come before His face

Carrying their heavy loads and their woes

Walk away freed of their tiresome loads

A kingdom of heaven on earth he did start

Not found in nations, but in His people’s heart

The Holiest of Holies – no longer inaccessible

Now hidden in the hearts of those moldable.

photo by Carlos Koblischek


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