Under the Bridge


I’m sorry – for so many things that you don’t understand

I’m sorry that I failed at being a better man.

I’m sorry I didn’t protect you like I should’ve

I would go and try this all again if I could.

But it’s all gone like water under a bridge

It’s the end of this road so it seems

Just have to soldier on, take the lessons I learnt

Maybe someone will one day dull the hurt

Maybe next time I’ll have to play this again

Or maybe they’ll be the one who helps me stand

I don’t know which I want more

To be the tower – the heroic prince in war

Or a battered helpless raft adrift

Rescued by passing cruise ship

It feels like this time I was both parts

And somehow I lost your heart

I kick myself for what it became

But if I replayed, would it really change?

Is it just me, or was this destiny?

Was it you, was it me, or was it we?

Only you know your side

And only I can see my fight

I live surrounded by magnificent defeats

And treasure tiny victories

If there’s one thing, I’m going to do it tonight.

It’s to say, “I’m sorry.” I wasn’t right.

Somewhere somehow, you failed too

But this here is about me, not you.

So I’m sorry. So very sorry.

Because this feels like an empty apology.

I can’t fix it – can’t make it right.

Not because I didn’t: God knows I tried

And while it feels like it’s all me – God knows why

He’s watched every dry tear I’ve cried.

I mean this from the deepest part of me

I’m sorry. I wish there was a remedy.

photo from http://www.freeimages.com/profile/kulekurt


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