Should I Give You My Heart?


Give me a reason why I should let you in again

When I still lie awake tortured from the pain?

Why should I give you a second chance?

When my blood still drips off my trembling hands?

What do you have to offer to mend my broken heart?

After you smashed it, why should I give back the mended parts?

What is the restitution that you would give away

Or is this just another one of your games?

Is this you, trying to get the best of both worlds?

Because I’m done playing games with silly girls

You’re either in or you’re out – you lost me

So either you find me or just let it be

Will you step out and risk the rejection you fear?

Or do I have to hold out my hand again to pull you near?

Why should I give you my mending heart

When the last time, you smashed it apart?

Something tells me I will

Only because I love you still

I said what I meant

I’d love you till your hair turnt

grey and you forgot your name

and all these things have changed.

photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert




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