If They Were Friends


They would play for you

Not against you.

Build you up not tear you down,

Nor trip you onto the ground.

They’d heal your wounds,

Spinning protective cocoons

Not create new scars

And trample over your heart.

It would be about you not them

They stand through thick and thin.

They value what they say

Apologise at the end of the fray.

They are the people you want to be

The ones you love to see

They think you’re gold

No matter what unfolds

They’re called friends

Like the real ones heaven sends –

Not the pathetic counterfeits

Who run about making a mess.

Endless trails of broken hearts,

Promises, and torn bleeding parts.

Only feeling their pain

Only after their gain.

If they were friends

They would be there at the end

But it’s only just begun

And they’re all gone.

I guess they’re nyet

Cause the end isn’t here yet


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