Beyond the Darkness


Just because I’m in the night
Doesn’t mean I don’t love the light
Just right now, my world is dark
Dark like the blackest night – tis truth stark
When one might as well have no sight
Oppressive and forboding,
Crushing the soul, body, and mind
So thick that you could sink in it and die
Flounder at the bottom in your misery
But I’ve had a vision of a place
Filled with glorious light
So beautiful – full of peace
Everything that we ever seek
Where treasures are hidden
Of which we cannot speak
Marvellous things untold now unfold
Swallowed up in glorious light
I never saw what was inside this place
Just the joy it brought my weary face
And all I know is this place
Is beyond where the darkness abates
Beyond the darkness, beyond the night
Is a place filled with glorious light
Just beyond the hill, where I can’t see
Is the place of light I long to be
Beyond the darkness – beyond the pain, misery, strife
Is a place where there’s love and life
Out of view, just where I can’t see
Somewhere out in front of me
I’ve seen the end in a vision – despite the night
Beyond the darkness is a glorious light

Photo by Helena Ruiz


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