You’ll Never Forget


You never really forget your first sweetheart
And you’ll never get over why it fell apart
Never really understand how you got played
Never stop wishing you could relive those days
The nightmares won’t cease and dreams won’t appease
The emptiness when one takes your heart’s piece
The bleeding never stops – it just goes on and on
Even when your tears dry and your blood is gone.


Even once you’ve sworn to yourself that you moved on
You’ll still remember our song
The place we first met and held hands
The sway of the trees above as they clapped again
The innocent gestures that seem so childish now
Those long calls at those absurd late night hours
You’ll still remember those silly arguments
And the slow but serious increments
You’ll never forget when you kissed her forehead
No, you’ll never forget it till the day of your death


And by some chance, you might think
That maybe you could try again and change it
Maybe you might dream of actually winning
That she was feeling what you’re feeling
That maybe, if you could hold hands one more time
She would remember and come back and it’d be fine
And there are days, where if you could you would
Show at her front door and give her all you could

But those days be many and far between
Swallowed up by uncontainable fears
Drowned beneath mountains of sorrow
Forever running from the pain that follows
Doesn’t matter how far you run, you’ll be found
Those memories got tracking like bloodhounds
Looking for the puzzle’s missing piece
But you know exactly where it is
Maybe there’s another match out there
Maybe there’s another match somewhere
But you will never forget your first love
You’ll never forget the day she walked out

photo by Janusz Gawron


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