You took the oath of allegiance

Took one knee and swore obeisance

Buckled up the armour of steel

Swung your sword till you got the feel

Hut! Jump to the mark!

Sir, yes, Sir! You answer drill seargeant’s bark

Drop and give fifty – running through the paces

But only you know if you’re going through the phases

Graduation – Here’s your cap and gown

No, they hand you a sword and send you to the killing ground

Now rank in, shoulder to shoulder

The enemy hurl themselves like boulders

United you stand ground and draw blood

Easy done when you have the upper hand in the hunt.

So you’ve fought and won –  don’t rise to far

Because cometh a battle that will shake your heart

It will come when you are least ready

When you’re vulnerable and your nerves edgy

When your comrades fall and cry for home

And you feel like you face the raging horde alone.

Will you stand still – in the heat of the battle fray?

Or when the captain looks yonder – will you be MIA?

photo by Duncan


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