In Memory of Labella



Dear Anna,

I find it hard to believe you’re gone. You were like a mother to me, with your lasagna, cat I played with, and my drawings which you stuck on your fridge. I’ll never forget all the mischief I did.

The last time I say you, you could no longer remember my name. I wanted to cry because I knew this day would come, but still, I have no tears – because I know you were more than just beautiful in name – you had a beautiful heart that pleased God. And I know you will never forget or grow old again, but live happily in a mansion just for you – and one day, I’m going to cross over to join you.

Thank you for your quiet selflessness, your inspirational cheer, the constant support that followed this little one through till he dwarfed you.

Lots of love

Till we meet again.

Joses T.


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