Waves beating down never-ending like the sands of time
Forever raging against this house of mine
Wallowing and foaming, spitting their rage
Against a shore that did them naught – for ever and an age
Crashing, burdensome, angry waves
Never giving up day after day
Relentless wolves of the sea
Never tiring, forever trying to break me
While I sleep, they wake – they patiently wait
No matter the time, they will not stay – they attack alway
Grievous and vengeful, they wear through the rubble
From blows of calamity and even  gentle
Deceptive serenades of beauty misconcieve
The illusion of paradise isnt always brief
But tis comes the time when one finally sees
The only paradise is that of a coral reef
Breaking apart the bones and leaving one forlorn
Washed up on a shore amidst the storm


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