What Do I Say?

What am I meant to say
That doesn’t sound cliched?
That the pain goes away
Or it will all work out one day?
Am i meant to say it will be okay?
When we all know scars don’t go away?
Focus on something, someone else
On someone that doesn’t fail?
Put your trust in Him – when it’s so thick
And you can’t go another trip?
When does silence become too much?
What do you say when time runs out?
How do you know if you’re in time or not
What if they care or they don’t?
What can one really say
To their empathy convey?
I’m sorry is so common – I love you is too close
It’s one thing to listen – another to give your voice
It’s one thing to say that you feel
It’s another to show you’re real
Sometimes it’s better just to let dragons lie
But how knowest thou when that day is nigh?
At what point does real love stop?
What is the limit of what you can cope?
When is enough enough? When do I walk away?
What is left that I can say?


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