What Will It Take

What will it take to wake you up?
What will it take to make you look up?
What signs must from the skies fall?
Even written in the sky, would it work at all?
What must be done so that you heed
The warning cries of whence judgement fire breathes
Lightening bolts from the sky?
Ox and cart to haul you off your backside?
Pins and needles in your toes?
Another week of woes?
How much more canst one tolerate?
Will not the heavens regurgitate
The apathy of the so-called chosen ones
By whom more is said than done?
Ye weak-willed soldiers – fledging amateurs
Ye will faint when the first bombs burst
Why start if you are going to but quit?
What is the point if you will not finish it?
Why run the race? Why fight?
If you never intend to pay the price?


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