I had a nightmare tonite

Not the ones that wake you up in fright

But the ones that leave you anguished

When you awake because they finish

It was in a church hall

We’re all gathered there like times of ole’

I spot you standing on my right side

I look over, and you looked straight into my eyes

You smiled – like it was happening all over again

Fresh air fed my heart’s dying flame

As it ended, I remained where I stood

Just hoping come over you would, yes you would

In the corner of my eye

Sweeping in like that princess I was trying to find

Rich brown hair, eyes bright

Smiling like you’d never known the night

You stood in front of me in a dress of white

My heart took off soaring like a crazy kite

You wrapped your arms around me

Just freeze this moment here

Kiss on the cheek – prodigal’s come home

No more trudging on alone

We got in your car, and of we went

Driving over dirt trail’s in a wilderness that’s spent

All I remember, is telling you what I’ve always wanted to

That after all these years, I still love you

And whether or not you want to try again

All I want you to know is my promise hasn’t changed

Was it just me? Or where tears trickling down your cheek?

And I saw you for what you really were – floundering and weak

My heart broke as you told me your sins

And I told you again, I don’t care where you’ve been

All that matters is you’re back again

Just so glad you’re back again

The car stopped – you were sobbing against my shoulder

And I love you – is all I ever told her


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