This Battle is Real

This battlefield’s real

This pain that I feel

I ain’t bear them no ill

But the enemy wants to kill!

Ain’t never crossed at first

But they got my bloodthirst

Just sit and let ’em steal

Naw bruh, that ain’t in my will

Their goal is my mind

But that mind there is mine

Hit the bell up, next in line

It’s fighting time

We declared war

And it don’t stop cause

It’s life or death, sink or swim

Lose or win!

Got me up in flames

And nothing here is safe

Some days I’m just beaten down

Other days I’m swinging round

Few and far the days

When I lay that big bad giant on the ground

But I’m never ever gonna give in

Gonna keep at keeping at it till I win

No matter the cost no matter the loss

The victory will be worth all it costs!

The folks out there think I’m insane

And I’m starting to think the same!

Trying to live right by the Prince of life

In a earth that’s dark as night

They think I’m insurgent

I like to think I’m divergent

All I know is all I got

Ain’t nothing to what I find in God!

Like whoa – if I got eighty years

And I spend them all miserable here

All that matters is he says “Well done

My faithful and serving one!”

This here battle’s real

And one day forever win I will

So call me insane


But war is inhumane

Some never really live

Some get halfway fore they give

But I’m going all the way

Cause there’s a brighter day!

Living, breathing, feeling

This battle-fielding

Don’t know where, don’t know when

But I just know that I am going win


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