What is This?

One week I didst not care
One night and suddenly
I needeth thee like the air

Tis so unfair, princess fair
To have never seen
Yet be hung up on thy airs

Is this just desperation?
A predicament
Caused by my own inhibitions?

Is this all just myself infatuated
I could swear i’m not
But the jury the facts still collating

Agh! So this is what it feels like
To be separated by miles
And not know if they think alike

I never cared – not one bit
But somehow that all changed
In the end of a dream

Now I’m trying to find the switch
To turn off this habit
Anything, just give me the fix

So hung up on you
Trying to shut it out.
Don’t know if I can make it through

Story behind the poem:

Nothing much. Just back to writing after a bit of a break šŸ™‚


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