What is a friend? What is an enemy?

Is it just one person’s peace, but then enmity?

Where do you draw the line?

Whence does a friend or foe define?

Are they a friend when you first get their name?

Is it after the storms and winds have came?

Is it after they heal your scars?

Is it after they patch your heart?

Is it when they just chill?

Is it when they stand by you both good and ill?

Somebody tell me, somebody tell me

To be a friend, what conditions there be?

And will someone please explain?

When did one an enemy became?

Is it when they blow out your brains?

Drown you in gas and cover you in flames?

Stab you in the heart

Tear your body apart?

Or is it the gentle kiss

As they seduce you to get lost a bit?

Is it when they stand somewhere else

To where they told you they dwelt?

When they paint their pretty masks

Covering up their telltale pasts

Trying to be somebody they isn’t

Did they ever try, no they didn’t

They look so beautiful

But inside their horrible

A trail of bread crumbs

Will warn he who is not dumb

Will they, won’t they? Catch you in a fall?

Will they be there at all?

All this uncertainty has got me

More scared then my worst enemy

So friend or enemy?

I can’t tell, so I’ll just call you a frenemy


Story behind the poem:

What is it that makes a friend? What makes one an enemy? What do you call someone who is neither yet under your skin?

I have no idea. Only time will tell I guess.



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