Twas as the tears did fall

I wished we never happened at all

Wished I had never heard your name

Never have to feel my heart break again

But as the days have dragged on

And I stumble on alone

Here in this mansion of my mind

Filled with ghosts I fight at night

Is the deep painful truth

That I was the reason I failed you.

I regret so many things I did

Things I did for a life of no regrets

Now the most I regret, is that you were used

I regret the fact that I abused

The very one I vowed to protect

Now I find myself to neglect.

The very thing I swore not to do

Is what I did to you.

And I can’t make it better.

Can’t break out of my own fetters.

Can’t help myself be whole

So how can I fix the damage to your soul?

I saw, yet I was blind –

Starstruck lovers, one of a kind

Mirages and hallucinogens

Clear away, the truth condemns

So often those we swear to defend

Are those we ourselves offend

We walk away and swear

That we did everything we could to be fair

But the bitter fact is that

We stole, and didn’t give back

We lied, cheated, and extorted

And now we sit inside our forts

Licking our wounds, pointing fingers

Through glass windows that are really one-way mirrors

Till finally, we find that all we can do

Is walk away to find something new

Some makeshift replacement

For the hole we made in placement

Soon this heart will just be a jigsaw

Full of pieces that don’t fit at all

Because bit by bit

I’ve thrown away each little piece.

Replaced it with other people’s pieces

That will never bring me peace


Full of pieces that don’t fit

We’re falling apart, bit by bit.



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