A Zombie


I remember rainy days – we’d laugh and play

Now I just sit in a corner and waste away

Those were the days – we were first out the blocks

Those were the days, we raced the clocks

Now we languish for want of passion

Now we faint before we see action

We had a raging fire in the bones

Now there’s just dying embers and coals

It once seemed like it would never end

But now it feels like we’re already dead

We were the king, the empire, the tyrant

Now we’re the peasant, the island, the defendant

It once seemed we had bulletproof vests

Now it’s like we got inside out chests

One day we were young and vibrant

Now we’re old and decadent

Once we had the strength of a thousand horses

Now we are carried away by the brook’s courses

I remember days, living high and free

Now it seems, I see more a zombie than me


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