If I’m Honest

What can I say? That will make this pain go away?

Oh I would call, but what could I say?

I guess I could swallow my pride

Tell you of all the times I’ve cried

Tell you how much I’ve missed you

But that, that just wouldn’t do

Truth is, I’ve been a wreck without you

Agh, all the pain and toil you put me through

Thought I could walk away, live carefree

But truth be told, you have a piece of me

It’s hard to be whole, with missing pieces

Tis a bleeding stream which nothing eases

If I called you, and swallowed my pride,

What would I find? would you too confide?

Or is it just me? Just some fantasy?

What was the truth of you and me?

Were we ever more than foolish kids

Playing a game of stones and sticks?

Or did you truly love me? Did you truly care?

Because honestly, I was never aware

All these vague lines

All these stupid lies

Do you also remember the times we smiled?

Before the night fell and love was exiled?

I thought the bleeding would someday stop

But 5 years should have taught me it wont.

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