Just An Option

Why are we still here?
Why do we still talk?
What is there to gain?
By doing the same old walk?

Why do you still message?
Why do you still call
It’s like you skip on the edge
But won’t dive at all

Are you in? Are you out?
I’m not quite sure.
Hugs and kisses, xox
And friends again, just like before

Should I dive in?
Should I stay out?
Experience says
Do nothing if in doubt.

Why fall if you won’t catch?
What is love if it doesn’t come back?
Tis just precious jewels
Hidden in a robber’s sack.

Am i just the second option
In case others don’t work out?
Am I just part of your addiction
Attention you can’t live without

Do I really mean anything to you?
Or am I just your fix?
Talk when you need
Get your social hit?

Am I just the ladder
In your pursuit of fantasy?
Am I just the needle
Delivering your drug for ecstasy?

Do I have a chance to win?
Or is this game rigged?
Like stacker in the arcade
Is never bonafide

Is this real? Is it fantasy?
Are you playing the line?
Or maybe you just can’t
Make up your mind?

I don’t want to be just an option
I wish to be the one
But between my heart and my head
I think I’m done.

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