Remember the Darkness

Ecclesiastes 11:8 – But, if man liveth many years, In all of them let him rejoice, And remember the days of darkness, For they are many! all that is coming is vanity.

Remember the days when you drawled in the night?
Remember when you cried for the break of light?
When walls came crashing in, and gasp every breathe
Long torn jagged breathes with all we have left.
When the tears from our eyes formed rivers
And even our very bones didst quiver
The stone heart inside us did melt as water
Never thought we be here, but we did falter
It was like the head under many waters
Like all our friends and kindred had forgot us
Remember the darkness? When you it embraced?
Remember when you thought the storm would never abate?
Pounding in your head, giants on anvils
Smashing down on your broken will
The siege towers, the armies, the battering rams
Dark is the death of a fighting man
Remember the days of darkness!
For they come again when you least expect
Like the thunderstorms clap
The fly in a venus fly-trap
Gird your sword, stand your ground
Not going down, not this time round
Remember the darkness, it comes again
Strengthen your heart to play the game.
In days of peace, prepare for war
When the light shines, build torches the more
For darkness comes, you feel the chill?
Whispering down your spine until
Your hairs stand up, your heart pounds
Running scared in the day now
Days of darkness, many behind, many ahead
Play the man, don’t panic, don’t fret
You’ve seen much, you’re still alive
Another one you will survive
So as the darkness closes in
As the screams of goblins holds your skin
Light up the night with your fiery lights
Draw your sword and press the fight
And when you crawl out the other side
Battered, broken, bleeding, tired.
You will have time to rest
But what you just survived, don’t forget.
A warning is staked in the land
Caution: dreadful dragons just ahead.
Day 2 of 7

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