Dragons Be


Hush! We enter the den!

Do you feel them breathing?

Them dragons be!

Rustling, whistling wind

Betrays the smell

Smoke, flames, fire and hell

The darkness lights up

As we hear it scream

Defiance for all to hear

Who dare arouse the beast?

The crusher of bones?

He who hideth kings behind tombstones?

His nostrils are a boiling cauldron

Breathing in with pleasure

The scent of fear without measure

Blazing eyes, like fiery stars

Fallen from the sky

Their light makes knight’s hearts die

He standeth tall and proud

Hark, the dragon be

He towereth amongst the trees

Thick like the smith’s anvil

His scales like that of finest steel


In battle, nothing doth he feel

Dreadful claws in his toes

Scour the earth – tell the tale

Long after he’s gone, his fear prevails

Spiked trails in the ground he leaves

Crushed men’s bones lie in his keep

Because of him, mighty men weep

Dragon, oh dragon. How terrible art thou!

Like ten thousand war horses and their men

Lances lowered and galloping


Hush, there dragon be!

We take our shield and sword

Awaken the dreaded, fiery lord

Flames leap from his mouth

Cower behind the shield

Feel the ground quake as he his power wield

The forest melts before his breath

Blazing fires he whispereth

And lightening when he roareth

The arrows be as straw

The spears won’t take any toil

The war machines will fall

He snaps and breathes

His tail breaks the trees

The ground quakes under his knees

Dragons there be

They dwell in caves and dens

Where only the brave do seek

Aye, my child, there dragons be

I alone lived to tell the tale

Of how I conquered and prevailed

day 3/7

Photo by George Reyes


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