The Throne

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, the earth is filled with His glory!

Painting the skies with majesty, such is his forte

Before all who ever lived and were, stood Jesus

And He will still stand when all else is turned to dust

Outside of time and space, our words cannot praise

Near enough, the glory of your face.

Holy Father of light, from darkness you call first

And lo, the darkness to light gave birth

At your will you speak, and all do tremble

When Christ returns, every nation and tongue will assemble

They will confess, “Your Majesty and Holiness

You are the greatest, the brightest, the strongest and the best

Our words cannot describe your Holiness”

From least to greatest, this will they confess,

“Jesus, you are Lord, Master, God and King.”

This they will confess whether they be willing

Before the throne, where endless praises roll

Where the Lamb of God is sitting upon the throne

Where tongue will fail to describe the power of his presence

And all they can do is bow down and make obeisance

But who are we? O Lord, that you are mindful of us?

We are nothing, just children of dust?

We stumble and fall. We are so weak.

Yet to us from the throne does grace leap.


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