Together Strong

Take your two hands and ball them into fists:

Bring them together to meet in the midst.

You and I, two as one, together strong!

When storms come roaring will we carry on.

We two elements, a crucible need:

In fire we melt, inseparable we be.

Take the best of mine and the best of thine,

And under life’s pressures may we combine –

Till your fleeting step is in perfect time

With that weak, tired, halting step of mine.

So close to me, that if and when I fall:

Your arms are there to catch me ‘ere I call.

In fire and heat or in water and cold,

May we shine brighter still as purest gold.

May people see as we continue on:

You and I one – together, we are strong!

And if it truly please the God above

That much time is given for us to love,

That as these seconds stretch forth into hours –

Into days and years – we will never flounder!

That as together we do now grow old,

And we start for the many years to slow –

That this flame we lit on this day of bliss

Burns more brighter than the first time we kissed!

May each stepping stone I face with you here,

Bring me joy and delight to have you near.

So God, on this day, take our trembling hands –

Bind them with Your great Love’s unfailing bands!

Be our shield, our shelter and high tower,

Guard our promises with Your great power.

That as we get old and time goes on,

You and I will continue on – together strong!

For Eric and Emily on their wedding day

23 – 06 – 2018

Ref: Psa 66:12 – Zec 13:9 – Hos 11:4 – 2Sa 22:3 – Ecc 4:12


The Noblewoman

She once was a princess

A princess – and that the sweetest

Now she is a noblewoman

As a rose in the desert doth she bloom

As the butterfly unfolds her wings

As the blue birds break out and sing

As diamonds polished to shine

I’m captivated in your light


This is the reckoning. Hear ye, hear ye

We have here, a gentleman, in the scales to weigh

Stacked up against him, eveything he could be today

Everything, if every move he made were right

If every step he took was bathed in the sun’s light

If all life ever wrote for him was A plus

Like Lady Justice, her eyes intentionally blind

So as to any imperfections find

Now I in the balances doth now lie

That which I am and that which I can be

One reality and one possibility

All that is and should pertain to me

The balances are set, and now the arms do swing

Surging down, the possibility doth win

Woe is the reality – the verdict of the reckoning

Short have we fallen, not enough glory

We faint and fall when we could experience euphoria

As I in the balances lie – lacking in all those things I passed by

No Timid Soul

I’d rather be brave and go down in flames

Than live like a coward and never savour victory’s taste

Rather be hated for who I am – and yet be true

Than be successful and loved for lying to you

I miss more than I hit, fail more than succeed

But find me with timid souls, that day will never be

I am no timid soul

I will rise like a lion bold

And if I fail – if I die

Won’t be because I didn’t try

Enough Words

We have had enough words here

Let’s put our cards on the table

Enough of all these things we speak

Let’s see if we truly are able

All these words – so many things said

But what if we got up and did

Instead of just speaking hollow things

And with our hands and feet proved it?

Stop telling me who you are

Walk ahead and show me instead

Enough theories – let’s put them to the test

Who knows how far off we are from death

Enough with words. Let our actions speak

Of so many words, my ears have grown weary

I need something more on which to live

Sustain me with action lest I pass on early