Perish the Thought

Many mountains, many valleys

For my lady’s love I’ve fought

Hold her close. Cherish her long.

To ever let go, perish the thought

Made a vow, for worse or better

In slums and mansions

Be we richer or poorer

Love you no matter the tensions

I will forever strive to perfect me

To be all that I was meant to be

A protector and burden-bearer

An example to all who see

You to be, the apple of my eye

The prize and treasure of my life

With whom my heart resides

My sweet and beautiful wife

And on life’s stormy seas

And twisting valleys and ravines beneath

Press on, determined still to find

The Promised Land to us bequeathed

Come the dragons, lions, and giants

The monsters of the hoary depths

The wind, ice, and fire

There’s none too great a test

Hand in hand, on life’s road

Where treachery and woe abode

I will fight to your hand hold

No matter what doth come and go

That I my mind may change

That I will somehow not be the same

Young man striving for perfection

But for the worse be changed

That to you I would break my vows

Think this absurdity no more

I have sworn to my grave

I perish the thought!

For this I have determined

From long time before

That when I would give up

I perish the thought!

If I be tempted, if I, God forbid, fall

And find myself on the floor fraught

That I stay down and rise no more

Perish the thought!

When the fire no longer glows

And the snow is no longer cold

The wind no longer blows

Then forget all you’ve been told

When the stars from their place fall

And the moon and earth collide

The birds and crickets no longer sing

And the seconds cease in time

When the waves cease upon the sand

And the sun rise no more

Till I’ve fulfilled all I ought

Perish the thought

That with you I no longer dance

And by the moonlight no more 

Hold your hands as our lips kiss

Perish the thought



The Void

Blackness of darkness

The oppressive nothingness

Plunging without stopping

The feeling of always falling

The death of the fire inside

Muffled screams, dying cries

Vacuum of space

The slowing heart’s pace

Heavy fog on the mind

The passion that died

The grave of gallant ideas

Now swallowed in unkown fears

Blank spaces in the head

Breathing but rather dead

Action evaporated

Warrior eviscerated

Welcome to the void

Wherein men’s numb souls

To Sandra

I wanted to tell you this in person, but I never got the chance, so I’ll do it now.

Thank you, for being a giant in my life that helped me see further out.

I don’t remember much of what you did – how you helped me grow and mature

But from my being a restless student to impatient youth, you were there, that I’m sure.

Now some might say you weren’t much of a giant – in fact some might say you were small

But the little I do remember is that of one who stood ever so tall.

Not in the limelight. In public places for all to see, but ever so very quietly

In homes and lives of young ones, in the church pews, in attendance ever so faithfully

Like the times you would come to help me with my school – I was quite the challenge

Emphatically arguing, gusts of 120 words per minute, but you never lost your edge.

When I tried to wiggle out of doing my schoolwork – you never gave  in

When I didn’t listen and made mistakes, you never condemned but kept trying

If I could sum those dim memories up, you had a patience that shone through

And I think maybe, just maybe, a little patience rubbed off on me from you.

Like the last time I visited you at your little apartment on a winter’s day

And you listened as I told you of all my plans, from tomorrow to some years away,

And the all the injustices and frustrations I had as obstacles constantly came

Yet you just smiled, and told me that sometimes we just have to wait.

I’m sure you’d heard the stories so many times, yet you’d listen one more time

Never wearied, never tired, always there with that peaceful smile.

Then as the waves of time steadily beat down, and you took ill

Even then, I never heard you complain nor murmur still

I don’t know how much time or effort you invested in me – but I know you did

And I just want to tell you that I’m thankful for all of it


What I really want to say, is that your name is listed upon my hall of fame.

And your legacy is carried on in the lives of those to whom you freely gave


My greatest memory which I treasure the most – was in church, I played guitar

Sitting down the front watching as the Spirit came down

And there you were, sitting in your chair, not in the best health, but your hands were raised

And from your lips were uttered words of praise.

And while some sit at church in their seats, and pass time

You with gave your strength, heart, and mind

And you might not have been able to do much, but you gave what you had in praise

And in my mind’s eye I can still see those trembling hands raised


Some of the heroes of faith are heroes for their mighty deeds

The great acts, the triumphs and the bold victories.

But then there’s also heroes of faith who praised and endured

And your life is a testimony of a faith in God that’s sure.

And I know that in faith’s long and illustrious hall of fame

Somewhere in there, is engraved your name.


Thank you for the time, the listening ears, the patience, and effort

The example, the hands raised, the praise, and the life of faith.

I never got to tell you while you were still here – for that forgive me

But there is, and will be people who benefit from your faith, people you didn’t see

They will never know, but somewhere, in the faith passed on to them

Will be the legacy and witness of a God-fearing woman


Dedicated to Sandra Pitts – a modern-day hero of faith.


Lost Me

You had me – even after you walked all over my heart

But now you slither back with your silly lies – I depart

Don’t have time to play a masquerade – no action, all wordplay

I’m leaving you forever now – you’ll never find me after today.

I want the real you, not a mask. I want truth not your lies

It seems what I ask is too much for you, too much to confide

So I’m taking the boltcutters and setting myself free

You had me – but now you’ve forever lost me

One Chance

Spare me your lies. Your words cannot hide
What your actions do to my mind confide
That your head is somewhere in middle ground
And your heart is nowhere to be found
Tick tock, tick tock, this is the doomsday clock
Sometimes one minute, one chance is all you got
Disaster can become victory, and triumph defeat
Because it’s the end that counts when we survey it

You’ve written the walk, talked the walk.
What I really care about is if you walk the talk
The game is yours for the taking, but mind your playing
Take too long and it’ll go down flaming
If this were poker, I’m all in, no stops, no bluffing
You’ve got four aces but you’re thinking of folding
I see it in your eyes, I can see through your lies
I’ve been here before, I can no longer feel your fire

Enough with the words, bluffs, fake plays.
It’s time to decide which way we go today
Love never fails, but that’s not to say it eventually leaves
Not that love left, but you would rather be free
Because love is when one can go in freedom
But they would rather in love be then bound
To that idea, that item, that person in absolute devotion.
Love – it’s so much more than just frail, passing emotion

Stop telling me you’re searching for love
You wouldn’t know love if it fell from above
You are an imbecile, an idiotic, blind fool,
When the penny drops, all you really care for is you
That’s why, true love you’ll never fully find
Even though it’s stood in front of you all this time
Because love unrequited will eventually get left behind
It’s not love, but rather us, who run out of time.

You think you’re not the only one who’s going to die?
You think you’re the only one with limited time?
You think you’re the only one who risks loss?
You think you’re the only one who pays a cost?
Never mind, I guess I’m the fool for thinking you
Could follow through what you said to be true.
You might find love, somewhere down the track
But it’s not I. My ship’s sailing and I ain’t never coming back.

This here is your one chance, your one moment
Many times in life, one chance is all you get
I ain’t got time to cry over the milk spilt
On the floor of the life I’ve built
I want to press beyond into victory
I’m heading there whether or not you’re with me
The ball is in your court – take too long
And you’ll be all on your own.