Monsters Hide

How are you? they ask. Just fine, thank you, I reply
They smile and nod, but if they look close, it’s all a lie
Hidden behind these bright eyes, way down deep inside
In the niches of the heart, doth monsters hide
Great and hideous beasts, forces to reckoned with
I in my kingdom am king, but these to me have never knelt
Many a times have I gone to hunt them down
But far too many times I have come back crawling on the ground
Beaten till I despair for life – this endless strife
Unceasing torment, with no relief in sight
Monsters, in the trees, valleys, and dens they reside
And every night they sally forth looking for a fight
Destroying all the precious things that give the kingdom life
At dawn I rise and survey ruins – slowly dying from inside
Day to day, we rise, weaker still. Try to find a way to fear instil
In these monsters, but I fear they have destroyed the people’s will
I once had happiness, but a monster named betrayal
Stole from me and now every day ghosts of the past assail
Through the ruins of a broken heart
These walls have for years lain in parts
I once looked back at memories, and felt as though I achieved
But now there’s a monster called regret who tells me I failed here
Monsters of fear of that which is beyond and that I’ll fail again
Hold me hostage and prevent me from searching out the monster’s dens
The greatest monster of all, of whom fabled legends are oft told
The dark side of me that has roamed in my very castle from times old
Jekyll and Hyde, by day I monsters fight, but by night
I turn into the very thing that I to destroy strive
The inner beast, that goes by my tarnished name
Forever hungry and striving to break loose it’s chains.
And by some self-destructive obsession, I have this urge
To feed the beast that deep inside my kingdom doth lurk
And hereby I keep it strong, when to save myself, it I should slay
But because it’s a part of me, I shy away from setting myself free today
These monsters, making me miserable. This war has gone far to long
Don’t know how much longer it can go on.
Untamed monsters will, if unchecked, turn the free into slaves
The strong into weak, the warriors to peasants, and heaven to hades
Behold my eyes – gaze deep inside
There, you will find the monsters that hide.


Lost in Thought

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
The emptiness – the blaze and flair
Really doesn’t make sense does it?
Well neither do my thoughts up there
The absolution of nothingness
Blank space in my mind I confess
Lost in thought, aimlessness
All these things making a mess
In my blank mind, contradictions
Feeling the central core overheating
This pointless exercise is wearying
And I am now fearing
The inevitableness of these thoughts
Convulated mess in which I’m caught
Failures, defeats, challenges and victories
The haters, lovers, philosophies and possibilities
Lost somewhere between the black and white of ny mind
In the grey area of nothing, there me you will find

One Chance

Tick tock, tick tock
This is the doomsday clock
Sometimes one chance
One chance is all you got.

Play the game, play it hard
Play it hard with all your heart
Don’t throw down your cards
Hold your aces and take charge

This here moment is fleeting
Fleeting like the wind whistling
And every moment time is fleeting
Our time with side things filling

Our days slipping away
Slipping away never to stay
One step closer to the grave
The grave where dead dreams lay

This here is our time
Our time in the light
Don’t let it slip into night
Right now is where you do right

Get up and get out the dust
I can, I will, I must


The tendancy to be unchanged
Constanct resistance to change
In my prison cell bound with chains

Maybe stagnant, maybe moving straight
Inertia, will not sway nor deviate
No matter how long we wait

The constancy – both blessing and curse
If not careful, we wake in a hearse
For want of making the right turn

Naturally inclined to find the comfort zone
We our very kryptonite do own
Every time we to our natural instinct go

Natural tendancies can be suicidal
When the world is falling all around you
And thou didn’t stop to think what to do

The constancy of movements – the enemy’s joy
Taking careful notes so as to employ
The swiftest hidden way to thee destroy

Inertia – when the pace picks up
We fail to respond to the beating drum
Tis a matter of time till we’re dumped

Inertia – the inability to change
Despite the enemies that stand in our way
The certain doom if we refuse to turn away


Nights Like These

On nights like these, I reminisce

When together our lives we lived

When the sun was hidden behind the clouds

And the rain came pelting down

Watching old movies side by side

Lulled by the pattering of rain outside

The world outside is cold and harsh

But here we have warmth and love

Holding your hand, lining up our fingers

The brush of your lips lingers

Finding ourselves speaking in whispers

Like passing on classified secrets

Head resting on my chest, soft sigh

Don’t move, where you are is just right

The lightning flashes, thunder roars

We shrug and snuggle up a little more

The word outside is harsh and cold

But in here love has made its abode


Note: why the numbers 7/14? Completing a bucket list challenge to write 14 days in a row. Today is 7 days of consecutive poems being written. 🙂