What if – the next time we meet

We could be honest?

Tell what really lies in our hearts

Bare our souls in sharp daylight?

What if we could speak, face to face

Without having a plastic mask in place?

No foolish games left to play.

Honesty in every word we say?

What if I could speak without fear

Tell you of all the ruin in here

The days I’ve wasted away

Tell you that us being apart is not okay?

Tell you of all the regrets that cluster

Every time the courage I muster

To look through past memories

At the smiles and happiness

What if I could be open?

And despite my show, I’m really broken?

Not care that I’m meant to be strong

Show my wounds and say I can’t go on.

What if we could talk openly for once

Not fear that the other will judge

Feel instead, the warm arms of love

That can heal scars that still leak blood?

What if you could be honest with me?

Actually talk instead of just leave?

What if you could tell me what you feel?

Not riddles, not plays, just emotions that are real?

What if we could be honest? Let our tears fall.

I grow weary of all this shallow talk

If we can’t resolve, then can’t we forgive?

Let each one of us go free to live?

If only we could talk honest

These things I could confess

That I hate myself for failing you

And deep inside I still love you

If I could, I’d go back and change it all

Be the person I should’ve been all along

And there are nights when I dream

That you’re with me and the sky’s clear

But reality is – I’m a broken, ruined and lost

A weak, floundering mess.

Guess I’ll just keep going on and trying my best

Maybe one day – one day we can be honest


Ten Thousand Parts

Said I to myself, Where is your heart?

Broken, in the dust, in ten thousand parts

I done spent so long, trying to restore

The heart I had ‘fore it fell on the floor

But for every piece I find

There’s another hundred denied.

After all these years, stuck in one place

Trying to find each missing piece

Starting to think there’s no help to be found

For my heart’s in ten thousand pieces all o’er the ground

Road of Retreat

The road of retreat
Tis one of bitter defeat
Neither crushed nor dead yet lost
Tis non-refundable cost
Some battles you can’t win
No matter how much you throw in
Eventually comes the cave-in
As supplies start failing.
Sometimes you find a big fat wall
And it won’t yield nor fall
You pound bloodied fists on stone
Drown in tears of thine own.
Food and munitions dwindle and fail
You try to breach to no avail
All that’s left is to turn tail
All options gone – all hands bail
Weighed down by crushing defeat
You weep as stones break your feet.
Regret, anger, depression, all in one
What’s done is done.
One day, the bitter will be sweet
Till then we in mourning weep.

New Year

A year is neither good nor bad
It’s just this life, a mixed bag
You get candy and you get lemons
Get over it, stop crying bout them
Candy tastes sweet and rots your teeth
But lemons are full of health though they make you weep
It’s what you make of each year that will count
What matters is not what happened but what’s done.
Stop waiting for a ‘good’ year to come
Walk forward to triumph

Slithering Snake

You slithering, subtle snake.
Glittering scales your lies hide
Flickering tongue, like tasting the prey
Venom-loaded fangs tucked up and away
Every honey-coated word ends with hiss
Betraying your malicious interests
Those darting eyes, so full of hate
As they for the perfect moment wait
To strike when all seems safe
Usher the victim to his grave
So very striking, yet forever shifting
Like shivers travelling, a chill settling
So your words upon my ears
So full of lies and deceit
No legs, you slither upon the prey
Silent and inconspicuous
Like a primal evil floating forth
Leaving death and destruction in it’s course
Wondering why, I recoil on meeting you
Baby, it’s not me, it’s you

Get me a spade in my hand
Must end the threat ‘fore it puts me in a grave