Sea of Indecision

Down inside me

You’ll find a sea

Where no sailor

Did sail or swore

Where no waves fall

Nor seagulls call

Wind changes like time

Having four minds

North, East, South, West

There is no rest

Sometimes a breeze

The heat to ease

Sometimes a gale

You can’t prevail

Where waters blue

Hypnotize you

Sea sirens sing

Doom impending

Death sounds so sweet

Sung from their lips

You fall asleep

Wake six feet deep

Here in the blue

A ship sees you

A single ship

Here doth now slip

Battered wood beams

Tattered sail seams

Splintering deck

Speed tis wind-checked

Wallowing still

Yet free of will

Yet not moving

For not choosing

The captain here

He’s full of fear

He no sailor –

A voyager

Who fell asleep

And drifted deep

He found himself

Stuck in this gulf

With no compass

No man to ask

Watching time pass

Growing old fast

Tales of heros

His own ethos

Call to action

He’s distracted


Green and bold rings

Of pieces of land

We call islands


By gulfs between

So that one choice

All he can voice

For to arrive

Will take such time

To get to one

Your life is done

So he delays

In the blue stays

Drifting here, there

Going nowhere

The sea of indecision

Claiming yet another victim


What Will It Take

What will it take to wake you up?
What will it take to make you look up?
What signs must from the skies fall?
Even written in the sky, would it work at all?
What must be done so that you heed
The warning cries of whence judgement fire breathes
Lightening bolts from the sky?
Ox and cart to haul you off your backside?
Pins and needles in your toes?
Another week of woes?
How much more canst one tolerate?
Will not the heavens regurgitate
The apathy of the so-called chosen ones
By whom more is said than done?
Ye weak-willed soldiers – fledging amateurs
Ye will faint when the first bombs burst
Why start if you are going to but quit?
What is the point if you will not finish it?
Why run the race? Why fight?
If you never intend to pay the price?

Sorry Ain’t Enough


Say you’re sorry, like it’s a big deal.

Life of regrets, now we’re going downhill.

Wishing you could change what you can

But you ain’t got the guts of a real man.

So you say you’re sorry it ended this way

Sorry for all the things you did and did say.

I said I understand, and it’s all forgiven

But as the days go by, I can’t stop wondering.

What type of sorry is this?

When you could change it if you wish,

Back to the way it was before

Instead of bolting down the door.

Since when were the opinions of others

More important than one who bothers.

Who wants nothing but the best for you

And instead has to stand outside and spue?

There’s never a one-way track,

Always a way out the back.

Spurn it if you must, it still exists.

Don’t need your petty excuses.

Sorry, I hurt you – it ain’t nothing

Till you put feet to words and fix your actions.

Sorry ain’t really sorry if it don’t fix

This wretched skewed-up mix.

I don’t need empty sorry’s

Shrugging shoulders like a pointless envoy.

This diplomacy has got me sick inside.

Say what you mean or get out of my sight.

I’m not interested in words

That are said for the ears of lil’ birds.

I’d rather hear nothing and see action.

Some real steel – some real retraction.

All the gold and jewels couldn’t sweeten it up.

Sorry ain’t enough.

Story behind the poem:

Saying sorry is not enough. There needs to be actions that attempt to repair what was damaged. Otherwise sorry is just an empty word that isn’t enough.


photo by Adriano Gonçalves