Together Strong

Take your two hands and ball them into fists:

Bring them together to meet in the midst.

You and I, two as one, together strong!

When storms come roaring will we carry on.

We two elements, a crucible need:

In fire we melt, inseparable we be.

Take the best of mine and the best of thine,

And under life’s pressures may we combine –

Till your fleeting step is in perfect time

With that weak, tired, halting step of mine.

So close to me, that if and when I fall:

Your arms are there to catch me ‘ere I call.

In fire and heat or in water and cold,

May we shine brighter still as purest gold.

May people see as we continue on:

You and I one – together, we are strong!

And if it truly please the God above

That much time is given for us to love,

That as these seconds stretch forth into hours –

Into days and years – we will never flounder!

That as together we do now grow old,

And we start for the many years to slow –

That this flame we lit on this day of bliss

Burns more brighter than the first time we kissed!

May each stepping stone I face with you here,

Bring me joy and delight to have you near.

So God, on this day, take our trembling hands –

Bind them with Your great Love’s unfailing bands!

Be our shield, our shelter and high tower,

Guard our promises with Your great power.

That as we get old and time goes on,

You and I will continue on – together strong!

For Eric and Emily on their wedding day

23 – 06 – 2018

Ref: Psa 66:12 – Zec 13:9 – Hos 11:4 – 2Sa 22:3 – Ecc 4:12


The Noblewoman

She once was a princess

A princess – and that the sweetest

Now she is a noblewoman

As a rose in the desert doth she bloom

As the butterfly unfolds her wings

As the blue birds break out and sing

As diamonds polished to shine

I’m captivated in your light


What if – the next time we meet

We could be honest?

Tell what really lies in our hearts

Bare our souls in sharp daylight?

What if we could speak, face to face

Without having a plastic mask in place?

No foolish games left to play.

Honesty in every word we say?

What if I could speak without fear

Tell you of all the ruin in here

The days I’ve wasted away

Tell you that us being apart is not okay?

Tell you of all the regrets that cluster

Every time the courage I muster

To look through past memories

At the smiles and happiness

What if I could be open?

And despite my show, I’m really broken?

Not care that I’m meant to be strong

Show my wounds and say I can’t go on.

What if we could talk openly for once

Not fear that the other will judge

Feel instead, the warm arms of love

That can heal scars that still leak blood?

What if you could be honest with me?

Actually talk instead of just leave?

What if you could tell me what you feel?

Not riddles, not plays, just emotions that are real?

What if we could be honest? Let our tears fall.

I grow weary of all this shallow talk

If we can’t resolve, then can’t we forgive?

Let each one of us go free to live?

If only we could talk honest

These things I could confess

That I hate myself for failing you

And deep inside I still love you

If I could, I’d go back and change it all

Be the person I should’ve been all along

And there are nights when I dream

That you’re with me and the sky’s clear

But reality is – I’m a broken, ruined and lost

A weak, floundering mess.

Guess I’ll just keep going on and trying my best

Maybe one day – one day we can be honest

Ten Thousand Parts

Said I to myself, Where is your heart?

Broken, in the dust, in ten thousand parts

I done spent so long, trying to restore

The heart I had ‘fore it fell on the floor

But for every piece I find

There’s another hundred denied.

After all these years, stuck in one place

Trying to find each missing piece

Starting to think there’s no help to be found

For my heart’s in ten thousand pieces all o’er the ground


On this your special wedding day
As your two paths become one way
Tis many kind words that people say

Wishing you much happiness felt,
Prosperity and wealth
The blessing of God and longlasting health

And so do I, but one great thing I add
That somewhere a fiery crucible you get
That makes two strong into stronger yet

Alloy, the combination of two kinds
Turned into one by fire
And to a purpose much higher

Take one, hard yet brittle – the storm doth break
Yet another, malleable, doth bend and sway
Put them together and they the test of time take

For twas the hardness, that strikes the foe
Yet no yield and euroclydon doth blow
He shatters and downward doth he go

Malleable to slightest presssure yields
Like the flailing grass of the field
Not strong enough to the sword wield

But through fire, the two combine
And now the hard can the pressure defy
And those that bend now in victory strike

So to you two,I wish from this day on
That as an alloy you bond
You and I – by fire and trial – together strong