Perish the Thought

Many mountains, many valleys

For my lady’s love I’ve fought

Hold her close. Cherish her long.

To ever let go, perish the thought

Made a vow, for worse or better

In slums and mansions

Be we richer or poorer

Love you no matter the tensions

I will forever strive to perfect me

To be all that I was meant to be

A protector and burden-bearer

An example to all who see

You to be, the apple of my eye

The prize and treasure of my life

With whom my heart resides

My sweet and beautiful wife

And on life’s stormy seas

And twisting valleys and ravines beneath

Press on, determined still to find

The Promised Land to us bequeathed

Come the dragons, lions, and giants

The monsters of the hoary depths

The wind, ice, and fire

There’s none too great a test

Hand in hand, on life’s road

Where treachery and woe abode

I will fight to your hand hold

No matter what doth come and go

That I my mind may change

That I will somehow not be the same

Young man striving for perfection

But for the worse be changed

That to you I would break my vows

Think this absurdity no more

I have sworn to my grave

I perish the thought!

For this I have determined

From long time before

That when I would give up

I perish the thought!

If I be tempted, if I, God forbid, fall

And find myself on the floor fraught

That I stay down and rise no more

Perish the thought!

When the fire no longer glows

And the snow is no longer cold

The wind no longer blows

Then forget all you’ve been told

When the stars from their place fall

And the moon and earth collide

The birds and crickets no longer sing

And the seconds cease in time

When the waves cease upon the sand

And the sun rise no more

Till I’ve fulfilled all I ought

Perish the thought

That with you I no longer dance

And by the moonlight no more 

Hold your hands as our lips kiss

Perish the thought



Lost Me

You had me – even after you walked all over my heart

But now you slither back with your silly lies – I depart

Don’t have time to play a masquerade – no action, all wordplay

I’m leaving you forever now – you’ll never find me after today.

I want the real you, not a mask. I want truth not your lies

It seems what I ask is too much for you, too much to confide

So I’m taking the boltcutters and setting myself free

You had me – but now you’ve forever lost me

Hey Beautiful

Hey there, Beautiful,

Want to tell you – how very much I love you.

Love you very much, just love the way you do you.

But since often people find that hard to accept

Let me tell you all the details, every aspect

Love you, love your pale red lips, little nose, blue eyes

Love looking into them till my heart drowns inside

Really love holding your hand, feeling your soft skin,

Your touch is like the gentle breeze of the morning

I love falling asleep with you in my mind’s dreams

Love when we’re watching movies and you fall asleep

Love the fact that you’re just the right height

For me to rest my head when I’m tired

Like nights when you walk briskly ahead

Love slowing you down to hold your hand

I especially love that dimple in your chin

And the one on your cheek that peeks when you’re smiling

Love you when we’re off to dinner, in your black dress

Strolling boardwalks, braving winds, watching the waves crash

When we sit on the stairs talking about deep things

Family, our future, goals, dreams, and life’s meanings.

I love our tickle wars, love your hair in my face

Love watching movies while it’s raining at your place

I love holding open the door to let you in

Love when we mock fight and I find myself losing

When it’s so late and I have to go

Love how you wrap your arms round me so

Then wistfully think out loud and pout

Wish that I didn’t have to go now

Love how you overthink everything

Love calming you when you’re worrying

I love picking you up, and spinning you around

Love the fact you somehow can keep me anchored down

Life’s hard, but even if we do stumble and fall

Love the fact I think that this could work after all.

I love telling you that I love you

One day I’ll list all the ways I do

But needless to say, there’s so many, many ways

I want to say I love you each and every day

I’d give roses, daisies and posies

Love hearts, little notes, and emojis

Hugs and kisses, patience when you are mad

A shoulder to cry on when you’re sad

I love you so very much, I’ll tell you the whole truth

I probably can’t afford to do that for you

But what I can give, tis more what love is

My life – all my blood, sweat, and tears

Put you first, protect you at all costs

Stick by you through thick, thin, wins and loss

Hey beautiful, we’re at the end now

One day I’ll make a long list of all the ways I love you how

But till then, when you’re in the big world out somewhere

There’s a kiss for you, floating in the morning air

There’s a kiss

Cause you beautiful is


You are Loved

You are loved beyond what you see

Far beyond what you perceive

Out there, in brightest day and darkest night

Burns the undying fire of love’s might

Caressing you as you go to sleep

Wiping away the tears you weep

Picking up the pieces of your broken heart

Pieces you never realised had fallen apart

Putting them back together so you can breathe

Mending your heart so it can again beat.

Why do you run? Why do you hide?

Why carry on? Why say love you won’t find?

Why are you still searching? 

When you, love is pursuing?

If you would stop running, and let love come home

You would find the place you always belonged.

Where your sins can be covered and forgotten

And new life can be begotten.

You are loved – beyond what you know.

Fire with Fire

Romans 12:20  Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

They hit you, so you hit back

Eye for an eye, soon we’re all blue n’ black

Tooth for a tooth, bring the force

Bring effects equal or greater than the cause

They stab you in the back

Pray to the heavens that karma gets them back

They ignore you, so you ignore them

Raise your right hand and take the pledge of silence.

They left you in the dark all alone

So in their night, you take your candle home

They sat and watched as your soul was poured out

And your blood was drunk by a merciless ground

So now you pull out the chair and watch them burn

Cheer the flames on. Isn’t that life? Isn’t it now their turn?

They brought you pain, you bring them pain

When war breaks out, who really gains?

We go to battle with our words

Over little things that are hardly a war worth

And we start with jabs, and get hit

So we hit a bit harder, just a bit.

And before we know what’s happening

We’re escalating a situation and clobbering

We go from a skirmish, throwing pebbles and stones

Arrows and spears, to war full-blown

Whence come the swords and hammers aimed for the face

Solid shields, the sickle and the mace.

Set up formations, foil and evade, flank the ranks

Call in air support, mortars, bombs and tanks.

Till finally we close quarters and pull the daggers from our vest

And plunge them into our foes beating chest

And in the heat of the moment we’ve forgotten why

This heated war we fight

But at the end, we on the ground do lie

Broken, tired, and something inside us doth die

For we, on this principle fight – the bigger stick wins the night

Fight fire with fire when you come to the fight

But nothing gets saved when you fight a fire

By lighting another fire that’s even higher

You’ll merely leave a scorched earth

Wounded souls wondering what was the worth

Broken hearts, bleeding out, everyone’s lost

Someone won the war, but with a Pyrrhic cost

If you really want to fight the fire – extinguish your flame

And introduce some water to the game

And maybe you’ll find that you can win

Without being surrounded in ashes in the end