What if – the next time we meet

We could be honest?

Tell what really lies in our hearts

Bare our souls in sharp daylight?

What if we could speak, face to face

Without having a plastic mask in place?

No foolish games left to play.

Honesty in every word we say?

What if I could speak without fear

Tell you of all the ruin in here

The days I’ve wasted away

Tell you that us being apart is not okay?

Tell you of all the regrets that cluster

Every time the courage I muster

To look through past memories

At the smiles and happiness

What if I could be open?

And despite my show, I’m really broken?

Not care that I’m meant to be strong

Show my wounds and say I can’t go on.

What if we could talk openly for once

Not fear that the other will judge

Feel instead, the warm arms of love

That can heal scars that still leak blood?

What if you could be honest with me?

Actually talk instead of just leave?

What if you could tell me what you feel?

Not riddles, not plays, just emotions that are real?

What if we could be honest? Let our tears fall.

I grow weary of all this shallow talk

If we can’t resolve, then can’t we forgive?

Let each one of us go free to live?

If only we could talk honest

These things I could confess

That I hate myself for failing you

And deep inside I still love you

If I could, I’d go back and change it all

Be the person I should’ve been all along

And there are nights when I dream

That you’re with me and the sky’s clear

But reality is – I’m a broken, ruined and lost

A weak, floundering mess.

Guess I’ll just keep going on and trying my best

Maybe one day – one day we can be honest


Ten Thousand Parts

Said I to myself, Where is your heart?

Broken, in the dust, in ten thousand parts

I done spent so long, trying to restore

The heart I had ‘fore it fell on the floor

But for every piece I find

There’s another hundred denied.

After all these years, stuck in one place

Trying to find each missing piece

Starting to think there’s no help to be found

For my heart’s in ten thousand pieces all o’er the ground

Fallen Angel

First time I met you was like an angel had in my life flown

Your blue eyes from which a mysterious light shone

The pale peach pink hint hidden in your cheek

The sharp and fragile line of your chin

Framed by your long, silky blonde hair

You had me enraptured like I could walk on air

Touched just a little, afraid you could disappear

But no, you drew closer and dissipate did my fears

Angel – you were brilliantly bright

Like deer in headlights, twas dazzled by your light

Mystical presence that you are, filling me with euphoria

All those times of misery and pain lost to dementia

So we continued for time hand in hand

You the angel, and I the mortal man that I am

Now these stories are meant to close happy ever after

But if you read farther, this story gets darker

For as time passed, your light began to fade

And as it did, it revealed the dreadful masquerade

You were not all that you appeared to be

But behind those rosy lips were sharp teeth

You have an insatiable appetite – for blood

Straight from wounds in the backs of those you ‘loved’.

The mystery in your eyes, is not one of delight but rather lies

Such as how can you blatantly lie to my eyes?

You were an angel, of that there is no doubt

There’s one slight problem – you got kicked out

You’re down here because in heaven you failed

Where you really live and dwell is a place called hell

Almost brought me under – fiendish monster you are

You’re a fallen angel – a fallen star who no longer shines


Nights Like These

On nights like these, I reminisce

When together our lives we lived

When the sun was hidden behind the clouds

And the rain came pelting down

Watching old movies side by side

Lulled by the pattering of rain outside

The world outside is cold and harsh

But here we have warmth and love

Holding your hand, lining up our fingers

The brush of your lips lingers

Finding ourselves speaking in whispers

Like passing on classified secrets

Head resting on my chest, soft sigh

Don’t move, where you are is just right

The lightning flashes, thunder roars

We shrug and snuggle up a little more

The word outside is harsh and cold

But in here love has made its abode


Note: why the numbers 7/14? Completing a bucket list challenge to write 14 days in a row. Today is 7 days of consecutive poems being written. 🙂