Extraordinary Will

Victory doth not belong to those who are fastest

Neither is it taken by the strongest.

Those who seize are those who grind.

Regardless how weak, they hang on inside.

There are those stronger

There are those who are greater

But if they won’t do, what good is their skill?

Ordinary skill, extraordinary will.

I don’t care who you are, how rich, or strong

I’ll still be standing when you’re long gone.

I might stumble and fall, many times more

But I’ll rise back up until you finally fall.

I will out-work you. I will outlast you.

I will take all the hits, and still win the war


My Strength


People – they flatter me – they say I’m energized.
People – they praise me – they say I’m strong.Though I’d like to believe it, it’s just smokin’ lies.
If I said I’ve got it all – I’d be taking a longshot.

There are times I wake up wondering what I’m doing –
Why am I even daring to be up this high
Where in the world am I going?
Have I had my head too long in the sky?

Looking back at things I did, wondering how did I?
Looking at what’s in front feeling the trembling ground.
Behind closed doors the resolution breaks apart
That’s when I lift my eyes to the sky.

My strength comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
This energy inside is not of this world – it’s beyond my mind.
It keeps me moving, even when I’m lying in the dirt.
My strength comes from a source that weathers the waves of time.

photo by Tom Pickering