Road of Retreat

The road of retreat
Tis one of bitter defeat
Neither crushed nor dead yet lost
Tis non-refundable cost
Some battles you can’t win
No matter how much you throw in
Eventually comes the cave-in
As supplies start failing.
Sometimes you find a big fat wall
And it won’t yield nor fall
You pound bloodied fists on stone
Drown in tears of thine own.
Food and munitions dwindle and fail
You try to breach to no avail
All that’s left is to turn tail
All options gone – all hands bail
Weighed down by crushing defeat
You weep as stones break your feet.
Regret, anger, depression, all in one
What’s done is done.
One day, the bitter will be sweet
Till then we in mourning weep.


New Year

A year is neither good nor bad
It’s just this life, a mixed bag
You get candy and you get lemons
Get over it, stop crying bout them
Candy tastes sweet and rots your teeth
But lemons are full of health though they make you weep
It’s what you make of each year that will count
What matters is not what happened but what’s done.
Stop waiting for a ‘good’ year to come
Walk forward to triumph

Never Coming Back

The day I walked – that was the day I talked

Said to you, this work is not worth the cost it took

Finally owned up – some burdens are too much

Took what little stuff I had and picked my feet up

Started running where I’ve never before dared

You said I’d be back, begging and scared

Guess you never really knew me, let’s make this clear

I’m not one of your pawns who you think you own

I never asked to be here – and just to be clear

If you think I’m ever coming back – I’m never coming back.

This is the breakdown, fiery crucible, meltdown

All the little cracks merge, the straw breaks the camel’s back

I’m loathe to burn bridges, but beware your strutting britches

I’ve passed the pyromaniacs master degree class

But I ain’t got no pass in building o’er schisms vast

I burn my boats on the sand, cause I’m never coming back again

No millennial, need no safe space. I’m descendant of a warrior race

We detest the chains of vain men – we take pride in breaking free of them

Listen- you’re a snivelling, filthy rat. I got free and I’m never coming back.



The tendancy to be unchanged
Constanct resistance to change
In my prison cell bound with chains

Maybe stagnant, maybe moving straight
Inertia, will not sway nor deviate
No matter how long we wait

The constancy – both blessing and curse
If not careful, we wake in a hearse
For want of making the right turn

Naturally inclined to find the comfort zone
We our very kryptonite do own
Every time we to our natural instinct go

Natural tendancies can be suicidal
When the world is falling all around you
And thou didn’t stop to think what to do

The constancy of movements – the enemy’s joy
Taking careful notes so as to employ
The swiftest hidden way to thee destroy

Inertia – when the pace picks up
We fail to respond to the beating drum
Tis a matter of time till we’re dumped

Inertia – the inability to change
Despite the enemies that stand in our way
The certain doom if we refuse to turn away


Six Feet Deep

I’ll rest when I’m six feet deep
While others mourn and weep
I’ll be in peace taking my sleep

Till then, i wage all-out war
Never, ever do I lay down my sword
i raise my eyes for enemies more

Vigilance is the price for safety we pay
Then my destiny is sealed away
By spiritual vigilance every day

Every giant, every dragon that come
I go forth to fight in the name of the one
Who will stand when all is said and done

And if the battle be too big for me
I will not falter nor retreat
For the Lord, He doth go before thee

And if from the high and lofty hill
Help doth fly, survive I will
But if it not, I will kill or be killed

I have sworn allegiance
To one king I’ve made obesience
And we are set for the defence

The best defence is offence
Don’t give the enemy a chance
Send back to hell what came from thence

Till my hand cleave to the sword
Till I breathe my last on a battleford
Till I hear the commendation of my Lord

I will press forth to the finish line
I will be victorious at the end of my time
I will claim all that is mine.

I’ll lose my comfort and sleep
I’ll get it back when I’m six-feet
Under the dust, buried deep.