Fire with Fire

Romans 12:20  Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

They hit you, so you hit back

Eye for an eye, soon we’re all blue n’ black

Tooth for a tooth, bring the force

Bring effects equal or greater than the cause

They stab you in the back

Pray to the heavens that karma gets them back

They ignore you, so you ignore them

Raise your right hand and take the pledge of silence.

They left you in the dark all alone

So in their night, you take your candle home

They sat and watched as your soul was poured out

And your blood was drunk by a merciless ground

So now you pull out the chair and watch them burn

Cheer the flames on. Isn’t that life? Isn’t it now their turn?

They brought you pain, you bring them pain

When war breaks out, who really gains?

We go to battle with our words

Over little things that are hardly a war worth

And we start with jabs, and get hit

So we hit a bit harder, just a bit.

And before we know what’s happening

We’re escalating a situation and clobbering

We go from a skirmish, throwing pebbles and stones

Arrows and spears, to war full-blown

Whence come the swords and hammers aimed for the face

Solid shields, the sickle and the mace.

Set up formations, foil and evade, flank the ranks

Call in air support, mortars, bombs and tanks.

Till finally we close quarters and pull the daggers from our vest

And plunge them into our foes beating chest

And in the heat of the moment we’ve forgotten why

This heated war we fight

But at the end, we on the ground do lie

Broken, tired, and something inside us doth die

For we, on this principle fight – the bigger stick wins the night

Fight fire with fire when you come to the fight

But nothing gets saved when you fight a fire

By lighting another fire that’s even higher

You’ll merely leave a scorched earth

Wounded souls wondering what was the worth

Broken hearts, bleeding out, everyone’s lost

Someone won the war, but with a Pyrrhic cost

If you really want to fight the fire – extinguish your flame

And introduce some water to the game

And maybe you’ll find that you can win

Without being surrounded in ashes in the end

Dragons Be


Hush! We enter the den!

Do you feel them breathing?

Them dragons be!

Rustling, whistling wind

Betrays the smell

Smoke, flames, fire and hell

The darkness lights up

As we hear it scream

Defiance for all to hear

Who dare arouse the beast?

The crusher of bones?

He who hideth kings behind tombstones?

His nostrils are a boiling cauldron

Breathing in with pleasure

The scent of fear without measure

Blazing eyes, like fiery stars

Fallen from the sky

Their light makes knight’s hearts die

He standeth tall and proud

Hark, the dragon be

He towereth amongst the trees

Thick like the smith’s anvil

His scales like that of finest steel


In battle, nothing doth he feel

Dreadful claws in his toes

Scour the earth – tell the tale

Long after he’s gone, his fear prevails

Spiked trails in the ground he leaves

Crushed men’s bones lie in his keep

Because of him, mighty men weep

Dragon, oh dragon. How terrible art thou!

Like ten thousand war horses and their men

Lances lowered and galloping


Hush, there dragon be!

We take our shield and sword

Awaken the dreaded, fiery lord

Flames leap from his mouth

Cower behind the shield

Feel the ground quake as he his power wield

The forest melts before his breath

Blazing fires he whispereth

And lightening when he roareth

The arrows be as straw

The spears won’t take any toil

The war machines will fall

He snaps and breathes

His tail breaks the trees

The ground quakes under his knees

Dragons there be

They dwell in caves and dens

Where only the brave do seek

Aye, my child, there dragons be

I alone lived to tell the tale

Of how I conquered and prevailed

day 3/7

Photo by George Reyes

Remember the Darkness

Ecclesiastes 11:8 – But, if man liveth many years, In all of them let him rejoice, And remember the days of darkness, For they are many! all that is coming is vanity.

Remember the days when you drawled in the night?
Remember when you cried for the break of light?
When walls came crashing in, and gasp every breathe
Long torn jagged breathes with all we have left.
When the tears from our eyes formed rivers
And even our very bones didst quiver
The stone heart inside us did melt as water
Never thought we be here, but we did falter
It was like the head under many waters
Like all our friends and kindred had forgot us
Remember the darkness? When you it embraced?
Remember when you thought the storm would never abate?
Pounding in your head, giants on anvils
Smashing down on your broken will
The siege towers, the armies, the battering rams
Dark is the death of a fighting man
Remember the days of darkness!
For they come again when you least expect
Like the thunderstorms clap
The fly in a venus fly-trap
Gird your sword, stand your ground
Not going down, not this time round
Remember the darkness, it comes again
Strengthen your heart to play the game.
In days of peace, prepare for war
When the light shines, build torches the more
For darkness comes, you feel the chill?
Whispering down your spine until
Your hairs stand up, your heart pounds
Running scared in the day now
Days of darkness, many behind, many ahead
Play the man, don’t panic, don’t fret
You’ve seen much, you’re still alive
Another one you will survive
So as the darkness closes in
As the screams of goblins holds your skin
Light up the night with your fiery lights
Draw your sword and press the fight
And when you crawl out the other side
Battered, broken, bleeding, tired.
You will have time to rest
But what you just survived, don’t forget.
A warning is staked in the land
Caution: dreadful dragons just ahead.
Day 2 of 7


What is a friend? What is an enemy?

Is it just one person’s peace, but then enmity?

Where do you draw the line?

Whence does a friend or foe define?

Are they a friend when you first get their name?

Is it after the storms and winds have came?

Is it after they heal your scars?

Is it after they patch your heart?

Is it when they just chill?

Is it when they stand by you both good and ill?

Somebody tell me, somebody tell me

To be a friend, what conditions there be?

And will someone please explain?

When did one an enemy became?

Is it when they blow out your brains?

Drown you in gas and cover you in flames?

Stab you in the heart

Tear your body apart?

Or is it the gentle kiss

As they seduce you to get lost a bit?

Is it when they stand somewhere else

To where they told you they dwelt?

When they paint their pretty masks

Covering up their telltale pasts

Trying to be somebody they isn’t

Did they ever try, no they didn’t

They look so beautiful

But inside their horrible

A trail of bread crumbs

Will warn he who is not dumb

Will they, won’t they? Catch you in a fall?

Will they be there at all?

All this uncertainty has got me

More scared then my worst enemy

So friend or enemy?

I can’t tell, so I’ll just call you a frenemy


Story behind the poem:

What is it that makes a friend? What makes one an enemy? What do you call someone who is neither yet under your skin?

I have no idea. Only time will tell I guess.