You are Loved

You are loved beyond what you see

Far beyond what you perceive

Out there, in brightest day and darkest night

Burns the undying fire of love’s might

Caressing you as you go to sleep

Wiping away the tears you weep

Picking up the pieces of your broken heart

Pieces you never realised had fallen apart

Putting them back together so you can breathe

Mending your heart so it can again beat.

Why do you run? Why do you hide?

Why carry on? Why say love you won’t find?

Why are you still searching? 

When you, love is pursuing?

If you would stop running, and let love come home

You would find the place you always belonged.

Where your sins can be covered and forgotten

And new life can be begotten.

You are loved – beyond what you know.



2 Co. 12:9 – And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

No man is an island

The lonliness makes one weak

The solitude makes feeble knees

Even the most sane men

Have found themselves insane in the end

Oh what tragedy, that we somehow

Can be undone by something not found

That the absence of presence

Can be so impacting as to deafen

The flickering fire of life that hides

Deep inside our lives

It’s been truly written, no man’s an island

At some point, we all need a helping hand

Ever since the Garden of Eden

Man’s been in need of a companion

We are not loners, made for isolation

But social beings, desiring incorporation

And so we find ourselves seeking company

Friends, family, a lover to last eternity

Something to bind that need

That cries out inside you and me

And it happens, sometimes, if by chance

Or choice, or life’s unflinching hand.

We find ourselves alone, or so it seems

Crying out for someone to intervene

And we find ourselves in a cold dark place

With no one to wipe the tears off our face

And God seems so very far away

And God knows we need someone for company’s sake

But somehow it’s not His will

And somehow we must soldier on still

If the loneliness makes one weak

Then consider the opportunities before you and me

For in weakness, we can find strength.

God is freed to move when we have nothing left

In fact, for the power to be unleashed

We oft need to be in a place that’s weak.

Yes the lonliness makes one weak

But remember, before company you seek

It’s in our weakness that we can find strength

We only know our bounds when there’s nothing left

It’s when our muscles are too sore to move

That they then recover stronger than ever

And it’s only in trials and circumstance

That we see what we need to be better persons

So maybe it is, that we find ourselves weak in lonliness

So that we can muster the strength to emerge victorious!

Miss You

Hey Beautiful, I miss you

No matter what I do

Can’t get over missing you


Like sunbeams to leaves

The earth to trees

You bring life to me


The missing puzzle piece

The master keys

You my heart complete


Like clouds without rain

Cities without man

Oceans without sand


Candles with no matches

Fishermen with no catches

Arrows with no fletches


Without you I’m lost

Turned and tossed

Foiled and cross


All out of force

Small and poor

Mute and remorsed


Out for the count

Struck and out

Sad and down


Pining away

I’m not okay

I need to see you today


I’ve dreamed

A thousand dreams

Where it’s you and me


Memorised your picture

So in my thoughts

Permanent fixture


A thousand dreams

I’ve held your hands

If by divine chance


I can travel time

So that you’re mine

And everything’ll be fine


Drowning in a sea

I really need

You to rescue me


You’re the light to my sun

Without you I’m done


Pocketful of Pain

A couple of bright red roses,

Bought you a couple of colorful posies

Kiss on the cheek, dance in the rain

Would you believe, twas all a pocketful of pain

Walking under the park’s tree


Lying among the grass and leaves

Laughing in the rain

Twas a pocketful of pain

Your first text to my phone

Smiling to myself when I’m alone

Counting days to see you again

Oh this was a pocketful of pain

Evenings spent on one knee

Sweeping you off your feet

Long drives, hand-in-hand

Somehow opened a pocketful of pain